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“The Pursuit of knowledge is more valuable than its possession”

                                                                            -Albert Einstein

Labeling the above stated quote is never gratified with the words, as with the above same knowledge familiarity We, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES (ISO 9001:2015 Certified) – an expertized SOFTWARE/SERVICES/DEVELOPMENT company was initiated by experts from foremost MNCs like TCS, WIPRO, IBM, CTS, and Accenture. Inheriting its Main office in Chennai, and Branch office in Coimbatore the pursuit towards the knowledge pulled them copious expansion with a child office as project center in Tirunelveli. With a pure vision of providing cost effective solutions to small and medium sized companies, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES has served more than 112 clients in the area of Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics solutions etc.

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How good is UNIQ?

Now with an intellect of charge towards the culture, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES has framed a new initiative called INPLANT TRAINING, enabling every Engineering students to intersect with the facility at Chennai and Coimbatore, to expand hands on involvement in Software Solution development. Made from a professionalistic background, it clues you to the Employment in the sector. As the founders have rich experience of rising with various MNCs, involvement in emerging soft skills and various placement associated happenings (Redefining logical abilities, Operative communication in English, to ignite the positive insolence) are the best in UNIQ

UNIQ extends its source and knowledge for the starving minds and its networksto reach the available opportunity of our IPT program as we strongly believe in the act of providing special deals to those who deserve.

What makes you exceptional?

Earlier at 2009, when recession was at its peak, there remained a cluster of students, who persisted safe from the sting of job firings. When others were fired, they got hired. So, what made them so unique in the perception of their employer, were the IPT experiences they were exposed to during their college days. In-plant training equips the student with the right knowledge of the finest practices in industries. The survivability of these students in MNCs, were more than the others to those who entered the MNCs directly after their studies.

Project Center In Tirunelveli

The true feeling of building something out of things that are learnt. A chance to prove that you can think big. Thus selecting a better platform with a better idea can even fetch you a better job and leaves a path for magnificent future.Making it hands-on helps the student to arrange their inner idea which helps them to grow scholastically and to have out of box thinking, so it makes them a good graduated student. Among all the project centre in tirunelveli, you could find a cent percent explanation for all your technical problems and implementation problem. UNIQ Tirunelveli provides the best final year projects in Tirunelveli for all the Engineering and Arts students. Best IEEE projects in Tirunelveli is offered for all the students.

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Project Center in Tirunelveli

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