IEEE Final Year Projects for Mechanical


Final Year Project is a vital theoretical task for every student succeeding Engineering. IEEE project affords reality to the project since it will have fundamentally intangible and application linked robust base.Mechanical engineering science refuges every aspect of structure design, from structural integrity to factual selection, with both of these branches finding their place in engineering values and engineering arithmetic. Similarly, all machinery within the building is careful part of a mechanical engineers domain. Such as the robotics, conveyer model and elevator models play a vital role in the engineering.We also mention that students who are not sure of how to get underway with the project visit. UNIQ Tirunelveli provides you the best IEEE final year projects in Tirunelveli for all the students.


  1. Rain Operated Wiper Mechanism using Conductive Sensor Circuit
  2. Development of Pneumatic Bumper with Automatic Braking System.
  3. Automatic Reverse Braking and Distance Measurement Using Ultrasonic sensor.
  4. Robotic Based Fire Detection and control in Smart Manufacturing Facilities.
  5. Implementation of automatic railway gate crossing system with controller.



  1.  A study on Comparison and Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Glass and Jute Reinforced Composite.
  2. A Study on Mechanical behavior of E-GLASS JUTE natural hybrid composite.
  3. A Study on Mechanical behavior of coconut coir fiber reinforced with epoxy polymer.
  4. Helical gear system in manufacturing of metal matrix composite.
  5. Development of Asbestos Free Brake Pad Using Orange Peel.
  6. Development and Mechanical Characterization of Low Cost Natural Hybrid Date/Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite.
  7. Effect of Jute Fiber Modification on Mechanical Properties using banana and lemon peel
  8. Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Jute & Banana Fibre using Composite materials.
  9. Investigation of Copper-Aluminium Composite Materials in an rectangular plate.
  10. Investigation and characterization of aluminium-flyash-alumina composite for piston.
  11. Characterization of mechanical properties of Al and tungsten in an component using Composite materials. 
  12. Characterization of mechanical properties of Nickel and carbon steel in engine components using composite materials.
  13. Effect of M2 Steel and Copper nano particles with composite materials.
  14. Investigation on D2 steel , Flyash and cast iron in rectangular plate using composite materials.
  15. Studies on the characterization of aluminium alloy–mild steel reinforced composite materials in an connecting rod.
  16. Evaluation of mechanical properties of palm fiber/glass fiber and epoxy combined hybrid composite Laminates.
  17. Preparation and property evaluation of glass/ramie fibers reinforced epoxy hybrid composites.
  18. Investigation of the mechanical properties of napier-grass reinforced composites for the aerospace.
  19. Fabrication and testing of composite leaf spring using carbon, glass and aramid fiber.
  20. Analysis of the mechanical properties and of micrographs of refill friction stir spot welded 7075-t6 aluminum sheets. 
  21. Enhanced mechanical properties of in situ aluminum matrix composites reinforced by alumina nanoparticles. 
  22. Mechanical performances of rock-like disc containing circular inclusion subjected to diametral . 
  23. Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of in situ fabricated aa6061–tic metal matrix composites . 
  24. Studies on mechanical and morphological characterization of developed jute/hemp/flax reinforced hybrid composites for structural applications.



  1.  Remotely Operated Pesticide Sprayer Robot in Agricultural Field. 
  2.  Implementation And Development Of Haraka Machine For Agriculture.
  3.  Design, Development and fabrication of Multi Crop Cutter Powered by Electric Motor. 
  4.  Design and fabrication of portable multi agri cutter.
  5.  Design And Development Of Seed Sowing Machine Along With Pesticide Sprayer
  6.  Design And Fabrication Of Manual Lawn Mower.



  1. Pick and Place ABB Working With A Liner Follower Robot.
  2. Control Algorithm of a Pick and Place Three Dimensional Robots.
  3. Synchronization of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Bluetooth Technology. 
  4. Speech Recognition System for A Voice Controlled robot With Real Time Obstacle Detection and avoidance.
  5. Implementation of Bomb Detection Robot to avoid disasters.
  6. Industrial Disaster Control System Using Hanging Robot.
  7. Development of a Network-based Autonomous Firefighting Robot.
  8. Design & Development Of Pipeline Inspection Robot.
  9. Development Of An Autonomous Wall Follower Robot.
  10. Obstacle Detection And Avoidance Of An Humanoid Robot.



  1. Control And Energy Management Strategies Applied For Solar Energy Change. 
  2. Application Of Solar Position Algorithm For Sun-Tracking System.
  3. Design And Development Of Fully Automated Solar Grass Cutter.
  4. Implementation of Low pressure solar water heater with auto Tracking system .
  5. Development Of Modified Solar Water Heater With Electricity Generation. 
  6. Experimental Investigation Of A Electricity And Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill. 
  7. Experimental Investigation On The Development Of Solar Sterling Engine      (Model).
  8. Implementation Of Solar Powered Automation On Fire Fighting Robot. 
  9. Development Of Automatic Step Climber Using Solar Power.
  10. Development Of Solar Powered Auto Charging Grinding Machine .

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