Power Systems

Power Systems Projects

1. Perceptive Power and AC Voltage supervision of LCC HVDC Device with tractable Capacitors. (IEEE 2016)
2. Combination of Converters to a Low and Medium Power DC nodes Using an Inductor Circuit. (IEEE 2016)
3. High- consummation Constant energy production in Grid-Connected PV method. (IEEE 2016)
4. Determination Strategy to increase the energy Capacity of PV Three-Phase Inverters on Voltage Sags. (IEEE 2016)
5. A Hybrid-STATCOM with large remuneration level and Low DC Voltage.(IEEE 2016)
6. A accomplished Unified Power Attribute Conditioner given to Three-Phase Four-Wire Handling circuit Using a Multi Control system. (IEEE 2016)
7. An Isolated Topology for susceptible Energy Equalization with a Modularized Dynamic- Current Building-Method. (IEEE 2016)
8. Construction of Aggressive Voltage Restorer and Active Energy Filter for Wind Power Circuits Subject to Unequal and Harmonic cockeyed Grid. (IEEE 2016)
9. Full-Bridge Active Power Equalizer with short-Equipped Capacitor and Its usage for Static Var Compensator. (IEEE 2016)
10. Single Phase Current regulation established on Optimal Zero-Sequence Current severance for a Star- Combined Cascade STATCOM with Unequal Applications. (IEEE 2016)
11. Analysis on progressive Voltage Restorers with Multi DC Links and Series Converters for Three- Phase Four-Wire Method. (IEEE 2016)
12. MPC-SVM system for Vienna Rectifier with PMSG worn in Wind Turbine Applications. (IEEE 2016)
13. Shunt Reactive energy Filter Based on precipitation Transformers Joined with Three-Phase Bridge Converters. (IEEE 2016)
14. STATCOM application System of the CDSM-MMC pending a Pole-to-Pole DC damages in circuits. (IEEE 2016)

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