Power Systems

Power Systems Projects


  1. Voltage Control with PV Inverters in Low Voltage Networks. (IEEE2019)
  2. Unbalanced Control Strategy for A Thyristor-Controlled LC-Coupling Hybrid Active      Power Filter in Three-Phase Three-Wire Systems. (IEEE2019)
  3. Low-Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel STATCOM. (IEEE2019)
  4. Simultaneous Micro grid Voltage and Current Harmonics Compensation Using Coordinated Control of Dual Interfacing Converters. (IEEE2019)
  5. A Comprehensive Design Approach of Power Electronic-Based Distributed Generation Units Focused on Power-Quality Improvement. (IEEE2019)
  6. Voltage Flicker Mitigation Employing Smart Loads with High Penetration of Renewable Energy in Distribution Systems. (IEEE2019)
  7. On the Application of Single-Phase Voltage Sag Compensators in Three-Phase (IEEE2019) 
  8. A Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Emulator/Battery Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer. (IEEE2019) 
  9. Time-Varying and Constant Switching Frequency-Based Sliding-Mode Control Methods for Transformer less DVR Employing Half-Bridge VSI. (IEEE2019)
  10. Series Compensator Based on Cascaded Transformers Coupled With Three-Phase Bridge Converters. (IEEE2019)
  11. Power Quality Enhancement for a Grid Connected Wind Turbine Energy System 
  12. A Voltage Regulator for Power Quality Improvement in Low – Voltage Distribution (IEEE2019)
  13. Hybrid Energy Storage System Micro Grids Integration For Power Quality Improvement Using Four Leg Three Level NPC Inverter and Second Order Sliding      Mode Control. (IEEE2019)
  14. Single-Phase to Three-Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner Applied in Single Wire Earth Return Electric Power Distribution Grids. (IEEE2019)

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