IPT Syllabus For BioMedical & Bio-Technology

SESSION 1: Vital Sign Monitoring & Measurement

  • Heart Beat
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vibration

SESSION 2: Medical Image Analysis

  • About Matlab
    • Features of Matlab
    • Why is Interpreter
  • Tool-Box
  • Matlab Operation & Commands
  • Basic Image Analysis
  • Tissue Engineering [Foot Wound Analysis]

SESSION 3: Wound Infection Control

  • Galvanic Skin Response Sensor
  • Photo interrupter
  • Mems

SESSION 4: Disease Identification & Diagnosis

  • SimBiology Tool
  • Chronic Disease Analysis
    • Retinal Diabetic Monitoring
    • Vessel Segmentation
  • Tomography Diagnosis
    • Brain Tumor Analysis
  • Cell Engineering (Disease Identification)
    • Microarray Segmentation
    • Capsule Endoscopy Cell Analysis
    • Blood Cell Tracking


SESSION 5: Android Workshop

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Biomedical designers technique instruments, gadgets, and programming castoff in social care; bring created information from various down to earth sources to develop new strategies; or lead explore needed to take care of logical issues. They regularly enable an arranging to work, utilizing their experience in both assembling and medication. For instance, they may make items for which an indepth thoughtful of living frameworks and expertise is fundamental. They consistently work in research and development or in quality vow. Biomedical causes outline electrical visits, programming to run restorative apparatus, or PC impersonations to test new medication medicines. What’s more, they anticipate and shape false body parts, for example, hip and knee joints.

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